Donation and Specific Fund

Donation and Specific Fund is financial assistance to the heirs of the
deceased and for the sick member’s and to the members who will perform Umrah
or Pilgrimage.

    The eligibility and conditions of the application are as follows: –

  1. Effective July 3, 2018 a total of RM1,000 contribution.
  2. For the contribution of a member’s death, only the heirs registered with
    this Co-operative may apply for the death contribution by including the
    deceased member’s certificate.
  3. For a contribution for member’s that being hospitalized, the member’s
    shall write and attached a hospital document indicating that he has been
    hospitalized as an in-patient for three (3) consecutive days for the
    Board’s consideration, and the decision of the Board shall be final.
  4. Contributions will only be given to members’ or member’s heirs, if members
    die / sick during the current year in which the late application will not
    be entertained.
  5. Members who are hospitalized are eligible to apply for donations from this
    fund only once in a year.
  6. Legal beneficiaries for members who have received hospital donations are
    also eligible to apply for donations from this fund when a member dies.
  7. Members who perform Umrah or Haji are eligible to apply for donations from
    this fund only once in their lifetime.
  8. The application must be accompanied by a document confirming that he will
    perform Umrah or Haji.

For both funds, if the provision for this contribution has been finished then
the applicants will have to wait for the provision for the following year, if
any and the suspended members are allowed to apply late but must be no more
than thirty (30) days from the date his membership is restored.